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When you need wisdom from someone who understands…

We know the world of sexual confusion by personal experience. Our journeys with the Lord yielded inner healing, self-love, acceptance of our gender, and amazing joy—but above all deeper faith. We enjoy coming alongside those looking for answers and hope for themselves, their loved ones, or leaders in need.


Areas of Focus

- Same-Sex Attraction
- Homosexuality
- Pornography
- Masculine Identity

Ken Williams 

I struggled with homosexuality, codependency, porn, and masturbation for decades. After years of failed attempts at freedom, I encountered God in areas & ways that transformed me. I’ve been happily married to a woman since 2006 and am a licensed pastor. Today, I consult with those who struggle with sexual brokenness and help them journey with God to find wholeness & freedom. God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or imagine!


Areas of Focus

- Church Leadership
- Gospel & Culture
- Mentoring Women

Elizabeth Woning

I believe firmly that God is releasing answers and understanding for a kingdom-minded approach to homosexuality that focusses upon the first commandment—to love. No doubt our generation will be held accountable for stewardship of that call. I am committed to reaching into God’s grace for restoration both of human identity and a united Church, which is why I meet frequently with church leaders. The issue of homosexuality is reshaping Western Christianity. By cultivating discussions, we experience clarity and understanding together for the sake of Christ.

Does Equipped to Love practice “conversion therapy?”

No. We provide safe spaces people need to process what is on their hearts. We listen. We ask questions. We create an environment for sincere authenticity. Our conversations are led individually, according to each person’s goals and vision for their life. When people wrestle with issues of sex and gender in a Christian context, it can be life-giving to walk among others who have faced the same things. Since we too have experienced same-sex attraction, people who meet with us know we understand them and can resonate with how they feel.

“Conversion therapy” is a broad and ill-defined term that is often used to include forms of physical violence, force, manipulation, shame, or humiliation. We reject these practices as ineffective and harmful. 

What should I expect from a consulting appointment with Ken or Elizabeth?

Equipped to Love creates safe spaces for Christians experiencing same-sex attraction to walk out their faith in community with fellow believers. We celebrate each breakthrough, ever-mindful of the patience and tenacity that marks our life in Christ. 

Jesus modeled a way of relating with others that brought encouragement to all those He ministered to. The impact of His love on their lives through wisdom, gentleness, and compassion was evident as He impacted each person He met. Jesus inspired dignity and empowerment, and that is also our desire.

People who meet with us come from different backgrounds and experiences, and are in different stages of life as a Christian. Some are questioning their sexuality or gender, some are in a same-sex relationship; others are continuing a lifelong journey of self-discovery. They are all searching for how to follow their faith in Jesus and thrive emotionally, physically, and relationally. 

Therefore, we spend a lot of time listening with an open heart. Our focus is to bring people into deeper connection to Jesus, so that He can lead. He has the answers we all seek. We desire first to know Him and allow Him to impact our lives with His love and grace. And we contend together for what God promises: more than we can hope for or even imagine in our lives. With God nothing is impossible!