Sex. Church. Culture.
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Sex. Church. Culture.

Leading in our hyper-sexualized culture can be overwhelming and intimidating. Rather than gaining clarity, our society seems to be sprinting towards confusion. The purpose of Sex. Church. Culture. is to unpack the balance of biblical truth and while still walking in grace. We will tackle topics such as LGBTQ, sex education, church staff dynamics, porn, moral failures, building families and more in this one-day intensive on sexuality and leadership. Join us as we’re infused with courage and hope to live and lead in a hyper-sexualized culture.

We’re excited to be part of Sex. Church. Culture. A one day event in Redding, California on April 13th to equip pastors and leaders how to navigate issues in today’s culture. Ken & Elizabeth will be sharing a main session at the conference and Elizabeth will be joining the panel for Q&A throughout the event.

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