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Finding the deepest you

Even though Ken Williams was raised in a conservative Christian church and by parents who loved him, he wrestled for decades to get free of same-sex attraction and homosexuality. This e-course leads you through the key elements and pathway that the Lord used to walk Ken into a sense of wholeness, self-love, meaningful same-sex friendships, and proud ownership of his gender.

No two journeys will be exactly the same, but in this e-course, Ken will direct you to the key areas where God wants to meet your unmet needs. Those who focus on changing their same-sex desires don’t seem to ever get there. But those who whole-heartedly mine deep intimacy with Father God can experience an all-things-are-possible life.

Ken has been married to his beautiful wife, Tiffany, since 2006 and is the father of their four wonderful children. Join him for a hope-filled journey into finding the deepest you.

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