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Pastoring Homosexuality

Creating Cultures of
Love & Truth

An E-course Lead By
OnceGay Leader Elizabeth Woning

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Offering the hope of the gospel to those who are confused about their sexuality or sexual identity has never been more complex. How can pastors guide their congregation to address homosexuality with a hopeful, yet sacred view? Join Elizabeth Woning, co-founder of Equipped to Love and CHANGED, in this 10-video teaching series that will offer conversation, insight and feedback to pastors seeking to navigate LGBTQ issues with grace and humility.

session topics


  • Beyond the confusion: Does God confront us regarding our sexuality and bring restoration? What can that look like?

  • What are the unique emotional and spiritual challenges for people who experience same-sex attraction or gender confusion?

  • How can Christians partner with God as He touches lives?


  • The establishment of God’s Kingdom in our personal lives: Cultivating a message that the gospel has power for redemption and restoration

  • Why is homosexuality sin? 

  • Understanding how sexual sin impacts the body of Christ


  • Seeing the whole picture: A glance at homosexuality in history to today’s gay subculture

  • Thinking through the practicalities

  • Becoming a guide to identity in Christ for LGBTQ people

  • Preserving the gospel: Agreeing with scripture and partnering with God

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Pastoring Homosexuality is designed for Leaders & Pastors wanting to walk in both Love & Truth. We’re excited to launch this course years in the making. Pre-Order the course now and get it as soon as it drops.

Launching November 19, 2019


Meet Elizabeth

In her early 20s, Elizabeth Woning “came out” as a lesbian and embraced the LGBTQ community. She attended a Presbyterian (USA) seminary openly lesbian and did ministry within the LGBTQ community. Over time, her faith led her to question her sexuality as a lesbian, which ultimately led to a change in her sexual experience. Today Elizabeth no longer experiences same sex attraction and is married to her husband, Doug, of 14 years. She teaches at the Bethel School of Ministry and is co-founder of Equipped to Love and CHANGED, which focus upon sexual identity and life after LGBTQIA+. Elizabeth holds a Master’s Degree in Theology and is a licensed pastor at Bethel Church. She serves Moral Revolution as an author, lecturer and consultant.